For Immediate Release

August 7, 2018

Contact: Tom Brandt (402) 520-3708 or




Contrary to Senator Ebke's recent press release, the Brandt Campaign is still in discussion about a possible forum with Senator Ebke and has agreed to no dates, format or venue. Senator Ebke's announcement of debate dates and locations were made unilaterally without discussion with the Brandt Campaign.


“My campaign positions are well-known and my top three issues have been front and center in every campaign mailer, newspaper ad and radio advertisement. I continue to say that property tax relief must accompany school finance reform and that rural broadband development is desperately needed in rural Nebraska,” said Candidate Tom Brandt


Tom and his wife, Sandra, will continue to engage Legislative District 32 voters and get to hear their concerns and answer their questions while knocking on doors and at community events.